polaroid-photo-frameHello, my name is Tereza, I’m a family photographer based in Limassol, Cyprus, but I like to say that I’m actually a mum with a camera.

I like to create things, I got this from my dad I guess, so photography was something I dared to try not so long ago, but as soon as I clicked the shutter and heard that hypnotic sound, I knew it right there, I was hooked. At first I was capturing mostly beautiful sceneries in Cyprus, which brought me AWARD in Cyprus Weekly photo contest in 2012. But than, I became a mother and guess what, my FOCUS completely changed…

Since I got my little angel boy Stefan, I was enchanted with his tiny fingers, toes, chubby cheeks and brown curls. But caught up in the chaos of being a new mum, often I was not able to catch all those details and moments that meant so much… and quickly enough, those moments are gone FOREVER!!! I believe that many mums (and dads of course) feel the same way, they look their little bundle, just arrived to this world and they know that in no time, they will grow up, becoming small people with whole arsenal of faces, expressions, moods, skills and you want to remember it all. Thank God, we all have our cameras and phones to help us saving these moments, so quickly we take them and start clicking… But sometimes, when you look at the photo you took, don’t you wish that you are on that photo too?!

That is why I decided to specialize in family photography… to help all those new mums to keep the most delicate memories of their little ones… and also to all those dads, always on the other side of the camera, missing the big picture… I like to take spontaneous photos, my style is casual, playful and the real prize is catching in photos true character of your family and children. Sessions are done usually outdoors or at the comfort of your home.

Photography brings so much joy in my life so hopefully I will be able to share this joy with your family as well.