Pregnancy is such an exciting time, full of expectations, day dreaming, little worries but most of all, full of joy. I will be very happy to capture those moments for you. Some ladies avoid pregnancy photos and feel a bit insecure about it, but DON’T be! Chances are that at the end, you will love the photos and you will cherish them.

Maternity sessions are usually done between 32 and 35 weeks of pregnancy, when your bump is gorgeously round and you don’t feel too uncomfortable. The father and big brother/sister(s) are also welcome to join the session.


They are this small for only a little while, trust me on this! Before you know it, they will smile, roll, crawl and grow so if you want to keep memory of their tiny fingers, toes, wrinkles and peaceful dreaming, we have to hurry up.

Newborns session should be done up to 14 days after birth, ideally between 3rd and 7th day, when they are still sleepy and calm, just getting used to the outside world. Of course, we can do newborn session even at later stage, just it will be more difficult to get them to those womb-like posses being more than 10 days old.

Newborn sessions are done at the comfort of your home or, if the weather permits, we can do it outdoors. To make experience more personal, you can bring your own blankets (that grandma knitted for example), favourite hat or ribbon, big brother’s/sister’s plush toy…


Kids sessions are really fun! Natural photos of your children, doing stuff they like the most at their favourite place, will make their childhood unforgettable. My photos will capture all these little details and moments which truly reflect their personalities.


Every family is unique, so is the photo session that I will create. The sessions are done at your home or outdoors, in relaxed and casual atmosphere, just mom and dad with kids, or with cousins, grandparents, and pets too. I would love to catch all those looks, smiles and bonds that make your family special.


It is not just that they are adorable, but all pet lovers know how big part of our lives they are. Let’s throw their favourite ball and see what happens!